Guymon Ensley & G.E.Q. Jazz

CD - Meditative Grooves

Meditative Grooves

by Guymon Ensley

Released 01/04/2019
Released 01/04/2019
The album will take you back and forth through several music genres. You’ll hear jazz chords and progressions, R&B rhythms, baroque melodies and other classical harmonies. The tracks will settle you down, perk you up . . . or LEAD YOU TO MEDITATION

The Opening selection, which sets the tone of this work, has a contrasting sentiment that is immediately clear at the onset of the trumpet solo. As the solo bursts harshly, it strikes back chords and harmonies with the piano and orchestra. Later the solo softens and supplies an accompaniment with the strings. Simply, a mellifluous piece of work.

The selections that follow joyously toys with the listener’s ability to enjoy different theme …
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