Guymon Ensley GEQ Jazz


"B4U Dip B Sure"


A Sexy, Jazzy, Free-to-Move tune about the Alluringly Seasoned, Marvelously Mature Woman


 A poem from her book of poetic affirmations encapsulated in an array of rhythms, harmonies and funk . . .

poem / lyrics by: Anita Caprice from "Reflections Of An Angel"

sound track by: Guymon Ensley


It Was Just A Christmas Song In My Head


Since I was a child, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" has been my all time favorite Christmas carol. Maybe because it had that "minor key" kind of sound. It seemed that at any time during the melody and progression, it was suppose to "do something" else.. to modulate or change tempo or change rhythms, or something. I remember humming the melody often around the Holiday season and I would always speed the tempo up or down and change the rhythm of the song.

This went on for many, many years and about twenty years ago I aimed to record the version that was in my head. Finally, I charted the tune and developed harmony for the composition. It wasn't until 2012 that I called my guys together and recorded the rhythm tracks...and another four years to complete the arrangement. So here it is...hope you like and HAPPY HOLIDAYS 


Making The Music For The Poem


After the introductions were done and the talks were over and after the "checking out" of each other was finished, it was time to get down to the business of making a record. Much like any composer readying himself to write music to enhance a film (or a poet's work), I had to not only read the work that I was going to write to, but I had to "see" it. To compliment this lady's passion, spirit and soul, I had to dig into her . . . I had to see her perform this work before I can begin write anything, and that is what I did. It was inspiring as can be. I got the answer that confirmed what I suspected about this piece of hers after simply asking her, "what are you feeling in the sounds and rhythms under this poem, this poem that includes words like 'dippin into my mind is like going through my purse . . .' just what are you feeling?" Her reply was simply "I feel a driving FUNK." So Funk is what she got. This is just a snippet of B4U Dip, B Sure. The first single from the upcoming EP will be available soon.